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Bigcat over at Bigcat Instruments has created a new VSTi/AU version of VSCO 2! It's not multi-timbral like the original VSCO 1, but it sounds a lot better with almost 2,000 more samples! Check it out here.


There's also the SFZ version by yours-truly here. Works in Sforzando.


And of course, I must mention the fantastic new Virtual Playing Orchestra by Paul Battersby, incorporating samples from VSCO 2, Sonatina, No Budget Orchestra, and more. Get it here!


For those with Kontakt, the Alpine Project is also adapting some stuff from the VSCO 2 source and other projects into fantastic freebies.


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This product has been discontinued. You can still find it here.

A vastly much better (and still free) VSCO 2: Community Edition in SFZ form is now available!

Price:   Free

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