System Requirements

Audio Demonstrations

All demos were created using VSCO 2 Pro exclusively, except vocals in Simon Sings

  • 3.8 GB of free space (plus 3 GB for downloadable .rar files) with lossless compression
  • MIDI Keyboard with Modwheel recommended
  • Installation of Kontakt 5.5 FULL or higher
  • Must meet Kontakt 5.5 requirements, here.

       Want to skip the download? Check out VSCO 2: Go Edition!

Quick Facts

  • Features standard instruments of an average chamber orchestra.
  • Very small footprint for light systems and composing on the go!
  • 9,254 samples/audio files across 128 individual .nki instruments.
  • Multisampling of 4x on all short articulations and 8x on most percussion.
  • Modwheel dynamic crossfading available on all sustaining patches.
  • Includes faux-legato for most sustaining instruments.


Video Demonstrations

VSCO 2: Standard Edition

  •  Versilian Studios Virtual Instruments﷯

VSCO 2: Standard Edition incorporates all the instruments found in a chamber orchestra, and a few from a full orchestra too. Useful for students and beginners, standard edition can create convincing mock-ups and add a professional touch to compositions at a budget price.

Price:   $99.00

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