Don't need the drive? Check out the "Pro" Edition!

  • Pro Edition mounted on a 32 GB USB 3.0 flash drive
  • Plug-n' Play functionality with Kontakt Player 5.6+
  • Stream up to 16 instruments at once.
  • Use the extra ~14 GB of space to store project files, presets, other libraries, etc.
  • Includes 7-year Warranty- if it breaks, we'll send you a new one.
  • Rubberized exterior for easy grip and sexy look.
  • Comes with lanyard, registration, and warranty information.
  • Can also be shipped on custom drive requests (e.g. Sandisk Extreme)- write in the comments field (extra charges may apply).


An entire orchestra and then some at your fingertips- over 90 individual major instruments, plus dozens of small percussion, VSCO 2: Professional Edition is a unique sample library capable of creating nuanced and realistic mock-ups while maintaining a small footprint. Update 2.5 includes 2.5 GB of new content including 28 ensemble patches, sSATB baroque recorders, and brass sections.


Note: If you would like (use 'comments' field during checkout), we can ship the library in Non-Library format, meaning you don't need to register the library on each computer for multi-system users.


  • At least 4 GB of RAM required; 16 GB suggested
  • No HD space required!
  • MIDI keyboard with Modwheel recommended
  • REQUIRES Kontakt Player or full Kontakt 5.6+



"Holy crap, you get so much at such a bargain, in my opinion. You get a full orchestra plus some extra instruments you don't see."


"I'd say that if you are a video game composer, then this is a must... you must have this library because I just see so many uses."


"It's like a full-fledged percussion library within this library. That is one of the highlights for me; compared to percussion libraries out there, it's right up there at the top, in my opinion, in terms of how well it sounds."


- Christopher Byrum Harris, Samples Spotlight



"... It's easy to see that Versilian Studios' Chamber Orchestra 2 is in a league of its' own, offering a more-than-complete nice sounding set of orchestral instruments at a very low price point."


- Don Bodin, Sample Library Review



"Surprisingly tweakable for this kind of price point; there are a lot of options in the Kontakt interface ... it's not going to replace thousands of dollars worth of orchestral samples, but it does have an interesting engine and some cute sounds as well. The sound is pretty realistic!"


- Reuben Cornell, Samplecast 17


Please contact us if you have questions or need support.