VSCO 2 CE is an open-source, open-ended subset of the main VSCO 2 branch designed for young composers, hobbyist sample library designers, and students around the world to create better sounding music for free, and learn more about the process of sample library development.


System Requirements

Audio Demonstrations

  • 111-3200 MB of HD space (uncompressed raw .wav files)
  • Suitable sampler (Sforzando, Grace, HISE, Kontakt, Maize, EXS24 etc.)
  • Hard Disk speed of 5000 RPM or higher suggested
  • MIDI Keyboard suggested

The following tracks were created using the "50" Pack and 3rd-party effects. Listen to more here!

How Does it Work?

The Variations

Currently the Community Edition exists as raw samples, sfz format, nki format, VSTi, AU, and a WIP EXS24 format. We've included a video tutorial below for making (and editing) your own .sfz format files, which can be used in free samplers such as Sforzando, but a number of editions are now available thanks to some awesome freeware developers.

On top of that, you can modify the samples to create big sections, weird pads; pretty much anything you can imagine!

I made some 'vanilla' .sfz patches, available over to the right, which can be modified or used as-is to create music. There are also some included preset "sections" for ARIA. You can watch me using Folder-to-SFZ to make some of these here to get a feel for how you can mod these.

If you want to make your own build from scratch or are using the EXS24 version, you will need to download the Raw CE samples. These are in raw .wav format (44.1/24 or 44.1/16) and can be loaded in any sampler, even sent off to classic hardware units for some fun!

Freeware developer Bigcat1969 has made some "altered" .nki patches with starts cut off and some strong envelope settings, and "zero"/original .nki patches, which are closer to the original aims of the library. If you use the full version of Kontakt, you can download and use these. He has just finished a "Version 2" of his VSTi/AU version, including a single download here.

Paul Battersby over at Virtual Playing has just released his Virtual Playing Orchestra, which is an amalgam of VSCO 2 CE, SSO, NBO, U of I sample set, Philharmonia sample set, and miscellaneous others in one TOTALLY KICK-ASS free orchestral library. Check it out!

Olivier Jolly has created a XRNI version for Renoise users! You can find the most recent updates on his upload on the Renoise forum, or download it from our pre-packed mirror. It's a very complete and enhanced take on the SFZ version with custom additions for Renoise.

Lastly, Christian K. is working on creating an EXS24 version with keyswitches, modwheel, and set up with both instruments AND channel strips. Download these if you use Logic Pro. He currently has the strings and upright piano done, and is open to additions by other parties. If you use EXS24 and want to join in, let us know and we can put you in touch with him.

The entire sample set is now under a Creative Commons Zero license (pseudo public-domain). However, we ask that you do not resell the samples, or sell products made directly from these samples, to allow the most open-ended ongoing development. We also appreciate it if you link back to the project, here or on Github.

If you complete/mod a set of instruments from these like Bigcat and Christian K, let us know (contact@versilstudios.net) and we will gladly host and share it on this page so others can enjoy the patches too.

If you like the community edition, consider buying a copy of the Standard or Pro Editions and help us continue to make virtual instruments! Even a small financial contribution by purchasing one of our affordable $5 and $10 products can make a serious difference. Without paying customers, we would be unable to afford the massive costs of recording, space, players, processing, bandwidth, and the thousands of hours of free time invested in projects like this.

'Vanilla' SFZ Format- Everything mapped as SFZ instruments, for use in Sforzando, Linux Sampler, or Aria. Now includes raw samples! (updated 2/6/17)

                               [Download Here] (3.01 GB) - Hit "Clone or download", then "Download ZIP"

Raw CE Samples- 3,184 samples from the main library and other sources including Miscellania I, II, and VSCO 1, hand-picked for creative manipulation and as an introduction to library development. Download REQUIRED for EXS versions! (updated 11/5/16)

                               [Download Here] (3.01 GB) - .rar (up to date)

psst... hey Developers! Grab the latest source materials on GitHub!

The "256" Pack- 256 curated samples from the main sampleset, ideal for creative contests in minimal sample usage (contains some samples not in the main pack too!). This pack is perfect for trying out a new sampler or experimenting with sound design.

                               [Download Here] (460 MB) - .zip

The "50" Pack- The hardcore version of the 256 pack- hear it in use here.

                               [Download Here] (111 MB) - .zip

See also:

Bigcat1969's VSTi/Audio Units entire library conversion! Works in almost any DAW. (v2)

Bigcat1969's Kontakt conversions (req. full Kontakt, includes samples)

Olivier Jolly's XRNI conversion (for Renoise) - v. 0.9.9 - original thread

Christian K's EXS24 Conversion (WIP) (raw samples not included; updated 8/10/16!)

Paul B's "Virtual Playing Orchestra", incorporating CE, SSO, NBO, U of I, and others! (SFZ)

The Alpine Project, currently incorporates VSCO 2 CE in strings sets. (req. full Kontakt)

Video Demonstrations

Stay in the Loop

Join the Community Edition Mailing List (separate from the main VS list) for notifications of new editions and updates.

VSCO 2.1.1: Community Edition

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