VSCO 2 takes the price and size-factor of a sketching library and combines it with the extensive detail and value one has come to expect out of a modern orchestral library with a character and diversity that can be found nowhere else.


Decades of sampling has been centered around the desire to use only the "best" materials- the "best" musicians, the "best" microphones, the "best" spaces (just read the marketing materials long enough and you'll go cross-eyed at all the superlatives). Great effort is put in by these companies to record and process their samples so they have that fabled "Hollywood" sound, then name-drop everything just to sell their product on the status of the people and things used.

Versilian Studios Chamber Orchestra 2 is the antithesis of this movement. It was designed from the beginning to be a library created and centered not around Hollywood - or even the traditional orchestra - but a celebration of the diversity of musical instruments and the people who play them; students, teachers, musicologists, and collectors- performing on everything from modern professional instruments to rare antiques.

Every patch has a story to tell, like the session pictures to the right and below. Take a look around: these are friends and colleagues exploring, having fun, and by sheer coincidence making a sample library. It is with this mindset that we spent two years recording around the world.

VSCO 2 is full of character and personality. You will find textures and timbres that have never been captured before and probably will never be captured quite like this again. Chamber strings with a clean, intimate sound; rarities such as bass recorder, ophicleide, a circular alto horn, and an ethnic xylophone. Nearly every instrument has a variety of performers, articulations, and instruments to audition and explore.

Everything was recorded using as transparent equipment and processing as possible. Room coloration was kept to a minimum and multi-mic plus full stereo positioning controls were provided, giving you complete control over where and how the instruments sit in your world.

For the most flexibility, check out the Professional Edition. For a chamber-sized library, check out the Standard Edition. We released 2,000 of the ~23,000 samples in the library as the Community Edition, which as been tweaked and improved into some excellent freeware options.

Credits and Thanks

The Team:

Sam Gossner (Versilian Studios LLC)- Project Lead, American Recording Lead, Community Edition Developer & Designer, Performer

Simon Autenrieth- Pro & Standard Edition Developer & Designer

Elan Hickler (Soundemote)- Sample Cutting & Processing

Tomás Lobos Kunstmann- Kontakt Scripting & Consultation

Simon Dalzell (Ivy Audio)- English Recording Lead, Additional Sample Cutting & Consultation, Performer

Samuel Hébert- Canadian Recording Lead, Performer

Volunteer Product Testers:

Kurt Landre', Lawson Madlener, Rikard Berg, Zach Striefel, Stephan Wells, Fredrik Park, Zach Striefel, Joe Kataldo, Turgut Mavuk, Alexander Strukelj, Remo P., Jim Wolk, Javier Gramajo, Falk Au Yeong, Prin Keerasuntonpong, Brian Mowat, Marvin Kopp, Gaetano De Paola, Dylan Eddies, Matt Waldron, Davey Perron, Wesley Weirich, "MysterBlu", Aramis Perez, Szymon Szewczyk, Babis Trihos, Quetzal Marchiori, and Andy Sizemore.


Flutes: Linda Dallimore, J. Azevedo, Laura Intravita, Sam Gossner; Oboes: Sam Burke, Katie Hattier; Clarinets: Dean Coutsouridis, Kevin Bjarnason; Bassoons: Gabby Liriano, Peter Sauter. Ethnic Flutes & Recorders: Sam Gossner.

Solo Horns: Mackenzie Oprean, Sam Gossner; Horn Section: Jonathan Foo, Braden Williams, Marina Krickler, Andrew Capetandes, Ran Lu; Solo Trumpets: Sam Hebert, Christian Conti, Diego Verdin; Cornets: Sam Hebert, Sam Gossner; Trumpet Section: Hannah O'Connor, Yizhak Carmona, Tyler Hauer; Solo Trombones: Sam Gossner, Joe Ricard; Trombone Section: Joe Ricard, Yoshie Nakayama, Mariel Austin, Rex Bennett, Tom Chalmers, Blake Manternach; Solo Bass Trombones: Sam Gossner, Joe Ricard; Other Brass: Sam Gossner.

Percussion: Justin B. Belanger, Sam Hebert, and Sam Gossner.

Keys: Sam Hebert (Grand), Simon Dalzell (Upright, Organ), Sam Gossner (Harpsichords); Harp: Kaity Smith.

Violins: Lily Lyons (Soloist), Meitar Forkosh, Brendan Klippel, Sadie Currey, Rosy Timms; Violas: Brendan Klippel (Soloist), Jenny Frantz, Dan Lay, Gerson Martinez; Cellos: Cristobal "The Chillest Cellist" Cruz-Garcia (Soloist), Addy Harris, Parker Ousley; Contrabasses: Justin Belanger, Brittany Karlson.

Special Thanks:

Mattias Westlund, 'Big Bob' Villwock †, Jose Hernandez, Dean Coutsouridis, Lisa Larsen, Sarah Cantor, D'Anthoni Wooten, Jesse Hartov, Lee McQuillan, Røde Microphones, Focusrite, Berklee College of Music, and Connecticut Regional School District 13.

About VSCO 2

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