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VS Timpani






User Interfaces

- Wholetone sampling; 4-6x RR, 5 Velocity Layers, stereo

- Kontakt version features EQ and convolution reverb

- Ear plugs not included

Demos and Walkthroughs

Full Description

The Timpani, also known as Kettle Drums, are a set of 3-5 large, bowl-shaped drums tuned to pitches that create a strong, resonant sound, perhaps best known from its bold appearance in Also Sprach Zarathustra. Over six hours of raw recording went into this virtual instrument, originally yielding 1,300 samples. We've paired it down to the best of those and balanced it out across velocities and notes to create a highly playable instrument that sounds great at any velocity.

System Specs:

- At least 1 GB of RAM suggested

- 212 MB of Hard Drive space (Windows)

- 228 MB of Hard Drive space (AU/Mac)

- 110 MB of Hard Drive space (Kontakt)

- A Hard Drive of at least 7200 RPM or SSD (VSTi streams from disk)

- For either Kontakt 4 or Kontakt 5



Price: $15 USD

Type: Download

(Pick Audio Unit OR 32-bit or 64-bit VSTi OR Kontakt)


Purchase Info

Above, select the version you want. Refer to the FAQ if you are unsure which version to select. Note that Kontakt versions require the full version of Kontakt, not the Kontakt player.

Once payment has been completed, you will be granted access to download the files. You will need a .rar opening utility such as winrar or the free 7-zip to open the compressed files.

Installation instructions are included in the manual provided with in the bundle. If you have any trouble with installation, visit the support page.

If you have selected the wrong version, either contact us directly or use the support page. We will send you the version you intended as soon as possible.



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