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VARIS: The Automated Support Bot

If you would prefer an all-in-one place to get support that will actually walk you through diagnosis and contact us automatically if the solution can't be found, try using VARIS, our automated support form. VARIS is programmed with over 100 conditional responses and dozens of FAQ articles like the ones below to help you get up and running.

Access VARIS >>>





Use the "MENU" button to the top left or the important page links to the bottom right to move around the site. If you want to locate a specific product, go to the Products page and locate it.


If you're ever lost, you can return to this page (Support) and use the site map to the left, which will help you navigate.


Your cart is where items you wish to purchase will be added for checkout. Note that freeware may be downloaded directly and will not go into your cart.


You may access your cart at any time in the top-right corner of the screen.


When you are ready to checkout, click the 'Checkout' button in your cart screen. Note that any downloads automatically offered on the site will not be applied to your cart, but will appear during checkout. You will also be given the opportunity to add discount codes at this time.



When you have added the products you wish to purchase to your cart, you may checkout by opening your cart (add an item) and pressing "checkout". This will take you to the checkout screen, where you will have the opportunity to enter your payment information, any discount codes, and other information.

Once you have checked out, you will be taken to a download page where you can download your products. You will also receive an e-mail invoice with the same information. If you don't receive an e-mail, please contact us.


VSCO 2 Standard users will be taken to the access portal. Follow the link and enter the "serial number" and other information as shown. Be sure to read all instructions carefully and follow the installation video for more details.



During checkout, you will be given the opportunity to apply a discount code on the right side of the screen.


Students and educators (both part time and full time) may receive a 30% discount on VSCO 2 Standard, Pro, and Go Editions. Talk to VARIS or e-mail us with a record of enrollment to apply.


Please note- discounts running on the site will automatically apply in checkout, but may not appear in your cart!

VS does not collect VAT for EU citizens at this time. We are planning to open a European webstore that will offer VAT-inclusive prices, but for now EU citizens are encouraged to purchase our libraries VAT-inclusive at our official EU resellers, KontaktHub and Sampleism.


Are you missing something?

Lose your installer? Can't find the activation code? Here's how to get them back:

  1. Look for the original invoice e-mail if you can find it- the info is kept there for you.
  2. Search your computer for the name of the product (e.g. "bell" for "Tubular Bells").
  3. No luck? E-mail or call us.





Certain products released after December 2014 for Windows may have an installer (.exe) that will walk you through the installation process.  These installers are simple, have no ads or malware, and basically do nothing more than copy files for you.


However, they aren't as smart as people- they don't automatically know where to put the files (which changes on a per-system basis). This is because each DAW (Digital Audio Workstation, e.g. Sonar, Cubase, Live, etc.) uses a slightly different place to keep VSTi files- you can find this location in your DAW's preferences.


When you run the installer, avoid rushing through- make sure you take a moment and ensure the location it is copying the VSTi files to is correct for your system, and if it isn't, change it. If you don't do this, your VSTi may not be found by your DAW.


If you don't have an installer or want to move the files manually after installation, here's the process:

  1. Extract the .zip or .rar file you downloaded (use the free 7zip or WinRAR to extract .rar files).
  2. Locate the .dll file and the .instruments folder by the same name (e.g. TubBells_v2_Win_32B.dll & " ".instruments). Select both and hit copy (ctrl + c).
  3. Navigate to the folder your DAW looks to for VSTi, and use the paste shortcut (ctrl + v).


Note that the suffix "32B" or "x86" are for 32-bit DAWs, while "64B" or "x64" are for 64-bit DAWs. Most 64-bit DAWs will support 32-bit plugins for compatibility, but no 32-bit DAWs (mostly older versions from before 2012 or so) will support 64-bit plugins. The 64-bit version will give slightly improved performance on 64-bit systems.

Mac installation of Audio Units consists of a single copy and paste. After extracting the .zip file, copy the .component file to:


Mac HD/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components


Give your DAW a few minutes to register the change and/or restart it in order for the plugin to show up.


Note that certain older versions of Cubase may require the use of Mac VSTi instead (.vst). Let us know if you need this.


All you need to do to install a non-player Kontakt library is extract it. If you need to move it, ensure you include both the .nkc and .nkr files, as well as the samples, instruments, and documentation folders.


Kontakt builds can be placed anywhere on your system, including external hard drives. However, we recommend placing it on a SSD or internal hard drive rated at 7200 RPM or faster for best performance. If you have an mSATA slot on your motherboard, you may be able to purchase an affordable mSATA SSD, which are an excellent SSD option for desktops and laptops alike.


NOTE: Only VSCO 2 Pro and Go will work in Kontakt Player. You will need the full version of Kontakt for other libraries' Kontakt versions.


This video will walk you through the installation process for VSCO 2 Professional Edition.


This video will walk you through the installation process for VSCO 2 Standard Edition.


Operation of the Professional Edition is covered here.


Operation of the Standard Edition is covered here.



If you're having problems such as the plugin not showing up at all despite seemingly correct installation procedure or you realize you're a bonehead and selected the wrong version, don't worry- contact us and we'll send you the right version, be it days, weeks, or even months after your purchase.


This also applies to switching operating systems- if you switch from Mac to Windows or Windows to Mac, we can set you up with new builds that will work on your new system.

A .rar file is special compressed file- sort of like a super-duper .zip file or those vacuum-packing bags you see on TV. Not only do they reduce the amount of data you have to download much more than .zip (and thus the time it takes you to download the files), they also save us bandwidth costs- which directly corresponds to lower product costs and more freeware offerings!


To open a .rar file on Windows, use the free 7-zip tool or WinRAR (which features a non-expiring trial version).


For Mac users, there are a large variety of tools as well, such as Zipeg, Unarchiver, UnRarX, iZip, and so on. Find one that looks good to you and download it.


Always make sure you extract the contents of the .rar or .zip, not just browse them! Browsing does not extract the contents- it just lets you peek inside (like peeking through a hole in a box).



Your activation code, also interchangeably called "Serial Number" (an unfortunate result of the variety of software we use to build and distribute our libraries is some confusing non-conformity of labels) are what provides you with first-time access to your software. They can be found in the e-mail invoice or at the end of checkout. If you lose yours, don't worry- just contact us.

The product manual isn't just a pile of legal warnings and boring descriptions dragged out ad nauseam- it's an important and concise source of information on your product. It may be found in .pdf form as part of your download, or downloaded from the product page online if you have lost your copy.


It is recommended that you read the manual before using the product for best results and least existential self-doubt.



If your VSCO "only plays flute" and/or is a giant square UI... basically it's really outdated and I heavily recommend you use VSCO 2 Community Edition instead.  It's 10x bigger, all new recordings, available in half a dozen formats, and much higher quality overall. What's the catch? There is none! No e-mail, no paywall, no ads.


If you really want to... here's VSCO 1.0.


The way developing for Kontakt works is that it's completely free and open to develop for the full version, but costs money to acquire licenses to develop a product for the free version. Thus, it is extremely cost-ineffective to make a $10 plugin available for Kontakt player and there's nothing we can do about that.


However, we've brought VSCO 2: Pro Edition to Kontakt Player, as it is cost effective at the price bracket its in.


Do note- buying Kontakt is a very worthwhile investment- not only do you get the solid factory library, you also get access by proxy to the products of dozens of great commercial AND freeware makers from Bigcat Audio, Ivy Audio, and Alpine Project all the way up to Spitfire and Embertone.

Versilian offers two main forms of instruments- Maize Sampler-powered instruments and Kontakt-powered instruments.


Maize instruments come as VSTi (.dll + .instruments folder) or Audio Units (.component). They have fewer features and are a bit clunkier than Kontakt instruments, but have the exact same samples and do NOT require purchase of any special software to use aside from a VSTi or AU host (i.e. any DAW except Pro Tools).


Kontakt Instruments come as loose folders/files, with a .nki file being the actual instrument itself. They have advanced features (stereo width/panning, EQ's, decent reverb, etc.), but DO require the full version of Kontakt to use.


32-bit DAW users (on a 64-bit Windows system, it has an "*32" after the process name in task manager) should use the 32-bit VSTi or Kontakt versions.


64-bit DAW users with a 64-bit Windows system should use the 64-bit version (though the 32-bit version will work on most DAWs) or Kontakt version.


Mac users should use Audio Units or Kontakt versions. Do not use VSTi unless it is labeled "Mac VST"- which only exists for some older versions of Cubase and probably won't work in anything else.


All Versilian Studios products, free and paid, can be used both commercially and non-commercially, royalty-free. However, do note that you cannot distribute the actual commercial instruments, only the rendered audio you create. Please see the TOS for more details.


So you found the picture of the dog playing piano on a page somewhere, huh?


Fun aside, we don't believe in using fancy marketing words or techniques, dressing or hyping up our product to make it sound better than what we know it is, or sensationalist "calls to action", or really a lot of the "practices" of the sample market.


We make sample libraries. Like everyone else, ours are different from the other ones in some way or another. For some uses they are better, for others they are worse, but we won't call them "epic" or "industry-leading" because we would rather you made a clear, BS-less choice as for what library sounds most applicable to your style.


Besides, if we can lull you into a false sense of security and comfort, I bet we can get you to spend more money! Muahahahaha...