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Platform Agnostic (req. Java)

Note: please watch videos and read manual before use!

  • Rapid mapping of large sets of raw samples as .sfz 2.0 format
  • Automated mapping of velocities, pitches, and RR's based on filenames.
  • Flexible, ultra-customizable "dictionary" system allows usage of almost any sample naming convention.
  • Able to compensate for missing RR, variable velocity layers, and all sorts of other issues without fussing or crashing.

Have a folder of samples lying around just waiting to be mapped and used? We had this utility built in order to allow rapid and effective mapping of large sample sets to the SFZ 2.0 format, and figured we might as well make it public.


Please note, the flexibility of the dictionary system and the fact that this was designed originally for internal use only makes the initial learning curve a little steep. Please watch the videos below for examples of how it works to get a feel for what is required. This product is avaiable AS-IS with no warranty as to its functionality.


  • At least 1 GB of RAM suggested.
  • Completely platform agnostic (.jar) - tested on Mac & Windows.
  • 300 KB of HD space.
  • Java 8 or higher required.


Please contact us if you have questions or need support.