System Requirements

Video Walkthroughs

  • At least 1 GB of RAM suggested
  • Platform Agnostic (.jar) - tested on Mac and Windows
  • 300 KB of HD space
  • Java 8+ Required

Quick Facts

  • Rapid mapping of large sets of raw samples as .sfz 2.0 format in seconds.
  • Automated mapping of velocities, pitches, and RR's according to file name.
  • Flexible, ultra-customizable dictionary system allows usage of almost any sample naming convention.
  • Able to cope with missing RR, varying velocity layers, and all sorts of issues.


Not-so-Quick Facts

Capable of working with over a dozen naming conventions (and customizable to work with almost any others imaginable), this tool is an invaluable bridge into SFZ creation for both seasoned and amateur library developers.

View the product manual here.


Mailing List

Join the Folder-to-SFZ Mailing List (separate from VS list) for release notifications.

User Comments

Folder-to-SFZ Converter

  •  Versilian Studios Virtual Instruments﷯

Have a folder of samples lying around just waiting to be mapped and used? We had this utility built in order to allow rapid and effective mapping of large sample sets to the SFZ 2.0 format, and figured we might as well make it public.

Price:   Free

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