Your privacy is important us! Please take a moment to review the privacy policy below, now in human-readable terms!

Thanks for taking the time to read our privacy policy. Your privacy is second only to your enjoyment of the things we make. Usage of our website is understood as your agreement to these terms. You can always find the privacy policy at the bottom of any page.

1. We ask that you are 13 years or older to use our website, or have a legal guardian present.

2. VS reserves the right to remove comments posted in the comments section of pages, or on the development blog, if they are inflammatory, dilatory, or otherwise deemed unfitting for public display. We are not responsible for what you post in the comments section, however, and any results that may come from such.

3. Your primary personal information, i.e. anything you provide in your purchase EXCLUDING specific payment information (credit card information, etc.) is stored digitally in an offline, password-protected database as well as backed-up physically in a secured, locked filing cabinet.

The original information you provided us is not in our possession and is instead securely stored and handled by our ecommerce solution, Cartloom/Yabdab Incorporated. Information provided in a credit card transaction is securely stored by the payment processor, Stripe Incorporated. Likewise, Paypal transaction information is securely stored by Paypal Inc.

The above information is all kept confidential and is NEVER shared with third parties (in fact, much of it isn't even shared with us).

4. Any specific information acquired via web tracking/Google Analytics services is not shared with the public or any third parties ever, and is kept completely confidential. We do, however reserve the right to announce or otherwise post in public, relevant statistics regarding only average numbers of customers and/or top countries of origin for visitors to the site. We do not use analytical tracking to target individual customers but instead to try to understand our customer base as a whole and to become better aware of our situation in the market landscape (i.e. if a website commonly links to us, we can then act on that information to help that website fix any errors or uncertainties in their reviews/overviews of our products).

5. If you are a citizen of an EU nation that collects VAT, we do collect your VAT information, but likewise with other information, this is kept confidential and ONLY reported directly via official channels via the MOSS.

If you have ANY questions regarding your privacy, the security of the checkout process, or the site or company in general, please feel free to utilize the "I have a question..." option on the support form, or directly e-mail us at the information on that page.

Privacy Policy/Website T.O.S.

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