The ear-ringing (not bell-ringing) descendant of the carillon is the not-very-intimidating-looking Glockenspiel. However, one must beware its ability to surpass even the piccolo in pain due to high notes. Our glock is slightly more on the mellow side, but, recorded up close, provides a great rich fill of the harmonics, not to mention a lovely quiet end for those cute songs about winter and snow fall when a celeste just won't do. Unlike most sampled glocks, you get to hear the full natural impact of the mallet and get a full range of dynamics. If you don't like the impact, just add a high-pass filter, we won't mind.


- Chromatic sampling; 4x RR on velocity layers 1 and 2, x2 on VL 3 (loudest)

- Sampled up-close for detail

- Ear plugs not included


Versilian Studios

- Sample Libraries -


System Specs:

- At least 1 GB of RAM suggested

- 280 MB of Hard Drive space (Windows)

- 300 MB of Hard Drive space (AU/Mac)

- A Hard Drive of at least 7200 RPM or SSD (VSTi streams from disk)



Price: $10 USD

Type: Download

(Pick Audio Unit OR 32-bit or 64-bit VSTi)


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