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Music Name
11:11 / 11:11
-- / --
  • VSTi/AU
  • 3.5 Octave extended range, 2x RR.
  • Fast, slow, and short sustains, plus strikes ("tings").
  • Very long sustains!

Crystal wine glasses of the ordinary kitchen variety can be brought to resonance by rubbing a damp finger around the rim of the glass in a circular motion. Various speeds and even dynamics can be distinguished with enough practice. Although the instrument is not as useful in a melodic setting, it can create great pad foundations and add weight to a chord or instrument via doubling. "Tings" made from tapping the side of the glass are also useful for articulating chords and melodic phrases, with a tone similar to a glockenspiel but more open and, well, glassy.


This instrument can be found in VSCO 2.


  • At least 2 GB of RAM suggested
  • 141 MB of HD space (Windows)
  • 174 MB of HD space (Mac)
  • DAW supporting VSTi or Audio Units
  • HD speed of 7200 RPM or higher suggested


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