STOP! Before posting a support request...

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STOP! Before posting a support request...

Postby Versilian » January 8th, 2016, 3:03 am

... make sure you have taken adequate troubleshooting steps!

VS Support Overview wrote:Having trouble with a product, even a free one? We're here to help! Before contacting us, please do some basic troubleshooting of your own. About half of the cases we receive can be solved by a simple look at the F.A.Q. or a Google Search, so please, take it easy.
  1. Skim the FAQ to see if your question is answered (I'm talking to you, VSCO users!). Also check the documentation that came with the program and/or video walkthroughs.
  2. Try to determine if your issue is REALLY with a VS product, or with your DAW or your Computer. For example, make sure that plugins by other companies work, if you have having an issue with running one of our plugins. A number of cases are not errors or issues with our plugins, but rather issues with understanding the functionality of the DAW, such as not setting up MIDI and Audio tracks correctly to input MIDI data into the plugin and output audio from the plugin. I don't mind helping you figure this stuff out, but if you can figure it out before contacting me, that's best for everyone. :)
  3. Check the product page and search the forum to see if your issue is addressed in the comments. Many times users will reply with their own fixes or findings regarding an issue.
  4. Just for laughs, try doing a Google search.

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