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Music Resources Masterlist

Postby Sam Gossner » January 8th, 2016, 3:58 am

This is a work in progress... please feel free to message me or post below with additions.

Rimsky-Korsakov's Orchestration (via Garritan, via WaybackMacine) ... y.php?f=77

Music - Crash course in basics of classical theory with great ET and Harmony exercises!

RollingBall's "Temperaments" - Analysis of temperaments with some great out-links too.

Globetrotter's "Understanding Temperaments" - Crash course in the evolution and rationale of temperaments. ... temper.htm

Scales and Modes (in French) - awesome site with more scales than you'll ever need ... modes.html

P. Butler's Catalog of Renaissance Dance Music - massive collection of Renaissance and Baroque dances

Scholarly Analysis of Hurrian Hymn no. 6 - You might recognize the Dumbrill realization as the theme for Charlemagne from Civilization IV. Arguably the oldest piece of music that-we-know-of. ... No._6.html

The Ear that Sees, the Eye that Hears - Now in English... more or less. Incredible resource on classical harmony, complete with sadistic bunnies.

Philharmonia Orchestra Samples - Handy for some good fun. Old, dry sound. BYO sampler.

Basics in Music Acoustics

Frequency Calculator - Great tool to convert things around.

24/192 and You (24/192 Music Downloads and Why They Make No Sense)

Music of the American Civil War (by B.R. Tubb) - pre-sequenced pieces of civil war music.

Civil War Band Music (via Library of Congress) - LoC has tons of sheet music and other fun goodies!
** If you get a chance, check out some of the original Sousa band recordings available on the LoC.

"" - Hear the serpent in its natural habitat. ... id=9&lid=1

High Pitch vs. Low Pitch Relative to Brass Instruments - Great intro on the topic of why A44 is what it is. ... Pitch.html

J. Woodwark's Music Page - Discussion of various woodwinds and why they are what they are.

Instrument Studies for Eyes and Ears - great solid background on the orchestral instruments ... ion/isfee/

Harp Pages - Two great old resources I dug up on writing for harp. ... orial.html

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