[FR] using ui_switch instead of ui_button

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[FR] using ui_switch instead of ui_button

Postby kaeru » January 3rd, 2017, 2:06 am

This is a feature request for VSCO2, albeit a very non-exciting one.

I would like to use automation on the mic, reverb and filter options of the VSTis in order to control them from my MIDI controller. This works already for the parameters, but not for their toggle switches. Trying to figure out why I couldn't assign host automation slots to the on/off buttons, I came across this information:
Kontakt 4 Player Developer Guide.pdf (p.27 section 5.2)
New User Interface Controls
In the KONTAKT 4 script update, two new controls have been introduced: Sliders and switches.[...]
Switches are virtually identical to buttons, but have the added benefit of being automatable.

Would there be a way through find+replace command to swap the Microphone (for multi-miced instruments), Filter and Reverb toggles to ui_switch instead of ui_button? I realize this request might be totally unfeasible, but I am throwing it out here anyway just in case it's actually easy through a batch command. I am also running on the pure assumption that this is the reason those toggle buttons are not assignable to the host automation panel of kontakt.

Thank you for taking the time to read this fr !


Small LICEcap of what I need to be able to do ! Thanks for checking it out !
VSCO_HostAutomation.gif (218.01 KiB) Viewed 159 times

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