The bowed psaltery is a 20th century re-imagining of the psaltery, a plucked zither dating as far back as ancient times. The instrument produces a high, almost glassy tone similar to other fretless zithers, and does an excellent job of standing out in any mix. With a sound reminiscent of its medieval roots, it's a sure match for any fantasy or historical track.


We have painstakingly chromatically sampled the entire range of a two-octave example with 14 total articulations ranging from the original bowed to plucked, picked, and even struck with a hammered dulcimer mallet, all with up to 8 round robins.

  • 2 NKI for FULL Kontakt 5.6.8+
  • 912 unique samples in full 48kHz/24-bit quality.
  • Full chromatic sampling of two octave range; 'extended' range patch available as well.
  • 14 articulations, including three lengths of bowings, tremolo, picked, plucked, and hammered.
  • Two mixable mic positions.
  • 4-8 RR on shorts, 2-4 RR on longs.
  • 25 aleatoric effects.



  • Bowed
    • Spiccato/Short Bow/Long Combo
    • Long
    • Crescendo
    • Short
    • Spiccato
    • Tremolo
    • Bounce/Ricochet
  • Picked
    • Sustained
    • Stopped
  • Plucked
    • Open
    • Muted
  • Mallet (Hammered Dulcimer)
    • Hit
    • Flam
  • Effects


  • At least 2 GB of RAM required
  • 800 MB of HD space (+800 MB for installation files)
  • MIDI keyboard with Modwheel recommended
  • HD speed of 7200 RPM or higher suggested
  • REQUIRES FULL Kontakt  5.6.8+


Please contact us if you have questions or need support.