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Best Tester Reaction-of-the-Week

3/30/2014- We're pleased to announce the release of FOUR Kontakt versions of our instruments (Tubular Bells, Glock, Dan Tranh, Handchimes) plus the release of Timpani, Upright Piano, and VSCO!

2/18/14- Keep an eye out for some new stuff coming out near the end of next month! The long-in-the-works Timpani is getting polished up!


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Versilian Studios' Sampling Division is a sampling project operated by Sam Gossner and Sam H├ębert focused on producing unique sampled instruments for a budget price. We make instruments that are addicting to play and tested by a team of professional composers. Just add your favorite reverb plugin and go!

If you're looking for the composing/art/design side of Versilian Studios, check out the main website here.


"I absolutely love the sound of the instruments from Versilian Studios. They are clean, versatile and very useful!" - Walid Feghali, Tester


"Just tried the [Xylophone] VST out now. Considerably sexy. Thank you."

"For a very reasonable price tag, you get a sampled Dan Tranh, the Vietnamese plucked instrument you're hearing in this track. I personally loved working with it, especially since not only does it have round robin and velocity layers and all that jazz, but tonnes of key-switch perks like glissandi, effects, real vibrato, muted notes and tremolo! Plus it's sounds amazing, there's that too..."

-Stephan Wells, Composer


"Looks like a midi instrument program I used for Windows 95."

-Jon Babb, Cowbell Player


"I've been searching for a good old fashioned whimsical doodaa for a while now, to make some b***** s*** for a video project based in Asia. 10/10, much musics, would buy a few more times." - Random e-mailer

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